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To make your stay at our camp and that of fellow campers as pleasant as possible, we have prepared a number of conditions. On this way it is clear to everyone what we can expect from each other. If you wish, we can also mail these terms to you.
Guests are required to inform them of these terms, and to comply with them. They are also obliged  to ensure that all of their fellow campers are aware of these terms and behave in accordance.

By entering into the agreement, these terms and conditions apply. Our reservation confirmations always refer to these terms and conditions. Upon request, a copy of these terms and conditions shall be provided to the guests.
Between 22.30 pm and 7.00 am absolute calm prevails on the site; guests are expected to take the rest.
On the campingsite caravans, trailers, motor homes and tents are allowed. Double-axle caravans and motorhomes with double rear axle are not allowed.
The pitches are pre-classified based on preferences of the guests and availability.
The plots should be used and kept clean by guests.
Guests should not disturb other guests, including noise and excessive drinking.
Garbage, glass,  paper etc. should be disposed off in the appropriate places.
In no case the toilets  may be used to flush tampons, sanitary towels, chemicals or other things that can harm functioning of the septic tank. Also, fats and oils should not be flushed down the toilets, whether the sink.  Your caravan-/campertoilet can be emptied only if you are using a biological toilet fluid ( such as Aqua Green Comb or Combi Toilet). For damage to,  loss or theft of property of the guests, the owner / operator is not liable.
In disputes all ( legal) costs are for account of  the guests.
The stay at the campsite and use of the pool and play area are for the guests own risk. Children under 12 are only allowed to enter the pool area under the supervision of an adult. Damage and missing items of movable and immovable property of owner / manager must be reported and paid to the owner / manager immediately by the guests. The remaining funds for the mini-camp have to be paid on arrival.
The administration of the owner / manager determines in mutual disagreement unless the guests can prove otherwise.
The owner / manager is allowed to deny and / or reject  guests who behave in breach of these terms and conditions or behave inappropriate  with immediate access to the camp, without notice and without giving any reason and refund of demurrage.

Reservation and confirmation
Places must be booked in advance. If you want to extend your stay later, this is only possible based on availability.
If you have reserved for a certain period of time, your camping fee is payable for the entire period. Early departure does not entitle you to any refund.
After registration (digital or by phone) you will receive a reservation form and the request to do to do a deposit of €50 per week.
No reservation fee will be charged . Upon receipt of the signed booking form and deposit, the reservation is final.

Arrival and departure
You must report before taking a place.  The owner / manager will ask you to presente your booking form and to identify yourself.
On the day of departure, the place should be left behind in clean and tidy condition.

If you are unexpectedly unable to  accomplish the contract obligations, you are asked to inform the owner as soon as possible, so that the place can be offered at other guests.
On cancellation of the contract, the deposit of € 50 per week is not refundable. You are advised to take a cancellation insurance.

Other conditions
If  and to the extent that these terms do not provide for differences of opinion, the explanation is reserved to a French judge.

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