Rental conditions Le Veysset

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Article 1 . Legal responsibility of the owner
The owner can not be held responsible for any disruption, modification or unavailability of the residence to the customer, if it is the result of unforeseen or insurmountable events beyond his control.
The owner can not be held responsible for inconveniences caused by the work of others, such as town, department, regional administration etc.
The owner shall not be liable for any interruption of utilities ( water, electricity, telephone and internet, etc. ).
The owner takes  no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to baggage, personal property or vehicle, as well as costs arising from not reaching the accomodation on time due to delay.
The owner is in no way liable for the consequences of the use of the leased property.

Article 2. Booking and price
A reservation is valid from the moment that the owner receives the required
deposit and the signed rental agreement. The prices of ”Le Veysset” are calculated in EURO and are per week ( starting on Saturday ) or other period if so specified in the agreement. VAT is not applicable here . Costs of meals, drinks etc. are never included in the price. Final cleaning is required, but not included in the price . Tourist tax is not included in the price.

Article 3. Payment of the rent
For every reservation 30 % of the rent must be paid in advance. This deposit should be received within 14 days after the date the reservation is made.  The remaining amount is due to be received by the owner 6 weeks before the start of the stay in the accomodation. If this has not occurred , the renter will be asked by mail to pay the remainder within 5 working days. If not, then this will be seen as a cancellation of the property by the renter and the cancellation conditions of article 4 apply . The owner has the right to re-offer the cancelled dates. If the reservation is less than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period takes place,  the full rent, including security deposit, must be paid at once. After receiving the rent, travel documents will be sent by return to the renter. It has all the necessary information relating to directions and address .
The renter must provide identification to the owner / keyholder, if requested.

Article 4. Cancellation by the tenant
Any cancellation must be notified to the owner by letter or by e-mail. The owner will charge amounts , depending on the date of cancellation by the renter:
Cancellation between time of booking and 90 days before the start of the rental period : € 75 administration and booking fee.
Cancellation between the 90th and the 60th day before the start of the rental period : 30 % of the rental of the property (excluding deposit).
Cancellation between the 59th and the 30th day before the start of the rental period: 50 % of the rental of the property (excluding deposit).
Cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the rental period: 100 % of the rental of the property (excluding deposit).
Already paid deposit will be refunded if cancelled. Refunds will be made within four weeks of receipt of the cancellation. If the renter is forced to abandon the booking, it is entitled to another person or other persons, to take his place in the same period. There’s no extra charge. The original renter is then bound to give changed data (name , address, etc.) to the owner. The original renter remains liable for the cost of the accomodation to rent. If the renter does not use the property or leaves before the end of the rental period without notice, no refund will take place. To avoid costs for a necessary cancellation, the renter is advised to have a cancellation Insurance.

Article 5. Cancellation by the owner
If, due to unforeseen circumstances the owner must cancel a lease, the renter shall be informed immediately and refund of deposits will occur within 4 weeks. If the cancellation of the lease is not the result of force majeure, the owner will also have to pay an additional amount of 20 % of the rent, which is the usual compensation for damage and inconvenience.

Article 6. Complaints and disputes
Complaints must be immediately reported to the owner / keyholder. ( Telephone ) contact with the owner is always possible. Also in (serious ) incidents in the home you should immediately alert the owner or the keyholder. If the renter refuses to take the accomodation, because the state of the accomodation does not match what he can reasonably expect, he should immediately contact the owner.

The present contract is drawn up and should be interpreted according to Dutch law . All disputes which may arise fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch district court.

Article 7. Description
All loose-leaf information or information on the internet site of the owner on the accomodation, the layout, the furniture or the facilities is given in good faith. If thereby essential change takes place between the time of booking and the start of the rental period, the renter must notify owner so appropriate action can be taken. If, despite everything, the information concerning the accomodation, the layout, the furnishing, the maximum number of occupants or the corresponding provisions turn out to be incorrect, then the renter must notify, so that  the owner can immediately recover.
All information regarding tourism and sports activities is provided by third parties and is not the responsibility of the owner.

Article 8. Arrival and departure
The arrival in the accomodation will normally be between 16 and 19 hours, unless otherwise agreed. It is recommended to contact the owner or keyholder the night before arrival in order to agree on a precise time and place, and to call again if the appointment is to be changed again due to unforeseen circumstances.  If this procedure is not followed, the owner can not be held responsible for the renter not being able to take the accomodation at the time of arrival.
On the day of departure, the accomodation must be left clean by 10 am ( see Article 13).

Article 9. Maximum number of occupants
The accomodation may not exceed 6 persons (+ possibly  1 child) to stay , unless permission is granted by the owner. If permission is given for extra persons, a surcharge will be calculated at 15 % per additional person. Extra beds are not provided by the owner.
If this number is exceeded without prior authorization, the owner / keyholder may deny access to the accomodation to these additional people.
Should there be additional people come and stay in the
accomodation at a later time unbeknown to the renter, 
this immediately creates a claim of 25 % of the rental fee per additional person, which, if necessary, will be deducted the guarantee.

Article 10 . Pets and smoking
The accomodation is after consultation with the owner, allowed to bring a pet. Smoking is allowed, but not in the bedrooms and washrooms.

Article 11. Guarantee
The deposit is paid in advance by the renter(at least 6 weeks prior to arrival).
This deposit is refunded within 2 weeks after leaving the accomodation, possibly less the costs to repair damage afterwards found at the accomodation. Any damage observed, not reported by the renter to the owner or keyholder, will be reported by the owner to the renter within one week after the end of the rental period.

Article 12. Additional costs
The costs of gas , water and electricity are included in the rent.
For a single bed (€11 p.p.), the linen set includes a fitted sheet , a duvet cover (1.40 x 2.00/2.20m ) and a pillowcase. For the double bed (€ 22) the set contains a fitted sheet, a duvet cover ( 2.40 x 2.00/2.20 m ) and 2 pillowcases. The renter must indicate whether and how much sheet packages are required upon booking. This bed linen has to be paid with the final payment.
The fee for a mandatory final cleaning is € 60.
The tax is € 0.70 p.p.p.n.

Article 13. Cleaning
The accomodation is to be found clean and tidy. If this is not the case, then it should immediately be reported to the owner / keyholder, so that it can be rectified.  In addition, the rentermust report this to the owner within 24 hours.
Upon departure, the renter must clean the accomodation to leave swept clean, tidy and no dirty dishes. The bed should be packed up in case of renting bed linen. Garbage bags should be deposited along the road in the appropriate containers. The refrigerator and the freezer should be emptied and cleaned.
The owner reserves the right to keep an amount from the guarantee, if the accomodation at the end of the rental period is not left to the above

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